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Green Man sighting

This looks SO COOL… the Green Man festival at Clun Castle in Shropshire. Purely modern? Obviously. Campy and/or cheesy? Quite likely. Fun? Heck yeah. Advertisements

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Some in our community have chosen to reject the Thanksgiving holiday, either wholly or in part; and while I have a certain degree of sympathy with some of their reasons for this (mostly to do with history and the admittedly … Continue reading

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This is intensely brilliant

A group of history teachers from somewhere in Hawaii have created a series of music videos about various people and events in history – mostly to the tunes (and sometimes visually referencing the videos) of hits from the 80s. You … Continue reading

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I don’t have the answer, I don’t know the way I put my feet in my shoes and walk a little every day I don’t fear tomorrow, I’m not ashamed to love Most days I look around me and think … Continue reading

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Revival Druidry vs Celtic Religion?

I’m hoping some of my Druid readers have followed me over from the old blog, because I need your insight… I know that on paper, at least some of the major Druid Revival-descended orders (OBOD, AODA) are not strictly Celtic-focused, … Continue reading

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I’m a winner!

Back in the the summer I submitted an entry to Moment magazine’s ongoing cartoon caption contest; turns out I won the contest for that issue. There’s no money attached to this contest, but I get to see my name in … Continue reading

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Tam Lyn

The Imagined Village is a sort of alt-folk collective, including some of the biggest names in the British folk movement, along with people from the pop and world music scenes (there is some overlap with membership of the Afro-Celt Sound … Continue reading

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