Some in our community have chosen to reject the Thanksgiving holiday, either wholly or in part; and while I have a certain degree of sympathy with some of their reasons for this (mostly to do with history and the admittedly triumphalist message that we were all given as children), I can’t go there with them.

This day, pretty much above all other holidays in our calendar, strikes me as the most (lowercase) pagan in our modern world. Whatever the historical narrative that supposedly lies behind it, in my experience what Thanksgiving is about is hearth and home and family – sharing a sacred meal with those to whom I am bound by ties of blood and/or affection, and – in the act of giving thanks – reconnecting with our Gods, and with the deep gratitude that I am trying to cultivate as the core of my personal practice (though, Gods know, it ain’t easy!).

To Hestia, to Zeus Ktesios, to Zeus and Hera and their Hieros Gamos – to all the Gods of hearth and home – to these today I make my offering, with profoundest thanksgiving for the innumerable blessings They have bestowed on me and on those I hold most dear.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!


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Husband, father, biblioholic, singer, drummer, Pagan, UU
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4 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. A beautiful and wise thought for the day, my friend. May good blessings come to you and yours this day and all through the year!

  2. Kay says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Erik. Blessings to you and yours. :)

  3. I’m with you, this is a day to be celebrated.

    I was lucky enough to spend the day in a pagan polyamorous house full of people I met that same day. We feasted, we laughed, we watched Tron in the evening. It was a true day of celebration.

    I hope your day was as close to the soul as mine was. :)

  4. Erik says:

    Hey all, sorry for the delayed response… glad everyone had a good holiday, and thanks for all the blessings!

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