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Harpy Holidays!

I wish you all another year of not being devoured by flesh-eating monsters! See you on the other side of Christmas… Also, this just about killed me – it may be the greatest Christmas story since the Santaland Diaries (hat … Continue reading

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A great song

…for the turning of the year. Josh Ritter, The Oak King (an adaptation of Goethe’s poem Der Erlkönig)

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From Maria at A Druid Thurible: For me ‘faith’ is not blind acceptance of dogma regardless of appropriateness; faith is about trusting in the direction that life and one’s spiritual journey will take you – it is actually a perpetual … Continue reading

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gnothi seauton

A couple of months ago Mam Adar wrote a post on the religious imagination that I have been mulling over ever since, where she writes about her journey back from strict Buddhism to re-incorporating aspects of her Druid and Christian … Continue reading

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Commonplace book

The pavement will crack And when it does I’ll be there To worship the grass – J. K. Berndt, “The Duskie”

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