Commonplace book

The pavement will crack
And when it does I’ll be there
To worship the grass – J. K. Berndt, “The Duskie”

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12 Responses to Commonplace book

  1. Feral Boy says:

    Jack, do you never sleep, does the green still run deep in your heart?
    Or will these changing times, motorways, powerlines, keep us apart?
    Well, I don’t think so — I saw some grass growing through the pavements today.

  2. Erik says:

    The lunatic is on the grass
    The lunatic is on the grass
    Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs
    We’ve got to keep the loonies on the path

  3. Feral Boy says:

    Many times I’ve loved – Many times been bitten
    Many times I’ve gazed along the open road.

    Many times I’ve lied – Many times I’ve listened
    Many times I’ve wondered how much there is to know.

  4. Erik says:

    Good song, but where’s the grass reference?

  5. Feral Boy says:

    I moved on to the road again … but about the grass:

    Found my way upstairs and had a smoke
    And somebody spoke, and I went into a dream …

  6. Feral Boy says:

    Long are the days since we lay in the fields so green
    And long are the nights, to consider what might have been
    And the song of the geese in the wind will call your name

    — The Rose You Wore For Me

  7. Erik says:

    Where does the wild swan wander?
    On lonely shores where the salt foam tumbles
    No roof but leaves, above a bed of moss
    By silver streams that shun the homes of men.
    So flies my heart over mountain rock:
    My brother the deer, my sister the wolf;
    To run alone in the cold gray wet of autumn
    With the harsh tapping of twigs
    And the flutter of wind-stripped leaves…

    That bit of loveliness is from S. M. Stirling’s “The Protector’s War” – he says that most of the lyrics he used came from Heather Alexander songs, but if that’s one of them I can’t find it. I wish there *was* music for it…

  8. Erik says:

    Hey, thanks for the book! 1854… wow. Very cool!

  9. Feral Boy says:

    I thought you’d like it. I got that book at a flea market on the way back from
    visiting Ruth. Figured you’d like it … especially the old hymns and poetry!

  10. Feral Boy says:

    We dance round in a ring and suppose,
    But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.

    — Robert Frost

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