Reverence for tradition

Yesterday I watched a very interesting documentary, It Might Get Loud. It brings together Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White of The White Stripes to play guitar and talk about playing guitar, interspersed with archival footage and individual reminiscences from each of them. Quite interesting, overall – it opens with a really neat sequence of Jack White building an impromptu slide guitar from some blocks of wood, a wire and a glass Coke bottle.

My favorite moment, though, is when the guys are just sitting around the “studio” they’ve set up in this old barn, and Page starts to play Whole Lotta Love – the others put down their instruments, and in close-up it’s obvious they’re thinking exactly the same thing – “Holy crap – I’m watching Jimmy freakin’ Page play Whole Lotta Love! How cool is THIS?!”

Go and watch – it’s currently streaming on Netflix.


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1 Response to Reverence for tradition

  1. Kullervo says:

    It is already in my queue. My feelings about Led Zeppelin are already documented. Jimmy Page’s place in Rock and Roll Heaven has long been assured.

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