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I love dark/adult reworkings of fairy tales (if you’re not familiar with the concept, check out this attempt I made a while back). What follows is both a glimpse into the mildly twisted workings of my mind and an open incitement to my readers to try your own hand at changing up a fairy tale.

Yesterday, I came across (for the first time, amazingly) the poster series that “Syfy” released for Caprica, their Battlestar Galactica spinoff. Most of them were kind of boring, but the one featuring Alessandra Torresani (“Zoe Graystone”) is just stunning. Be warned that it’s a bit provocative, especially considering that the character is apparently in high school. (I haven’t watched the show; the actress, of course, is in her 2os.) Interestingly, there was an earlier version of the poster that was more ambiguous and less openly sexual, creating a radically different vibe of youth and uncertainty with a quite minor change in pose… but I digress.)

Either version, though, presents a dozen different seeds of inspiration for a story or poem – particularly since, while I noted the Eve-and-the-apple motif they were going for, I immediately and forcefully went in an entirely different interpretive direction, as you can see below. I don’t know what kind of story or poem is going to come out of this for me, but I am sure that there will eventually be one. I hope that at least some of you are similarly inspired – if you are, please post either the work or a link here! (And feel free to pass this link along if you are so moved…)

Snow White


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3 Responses to writing prompt

  1. Feral Boy says:

    I don’t know, pomegranates have a certain attraction …


  2. I found Caprica to be incredibly disappointing — other than the pilot/movie, which actually made things worse in the end by getting my hopes waaaaay up. I think they relied too much on hoping that all that furtive faux-teen sexuality would draw people in. The reimagined BSG was great. They had brilliant writing and some truly incandescent acting, but it was still, deep down at heart, Space Opera. And, therefore, a planet-bound storyline, like the one in Caprica, was probably doomed from the beginning, because it no longer had a heart.

  3. Erik says:

    I was really into the new BSG until they made planetfall; and I even stuck with them through the whole colony arc, trusting that it would pick back up once they got back into space… but they just lost me. The first couple seasons sure were intense, though.

    Glad you stopped by!

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