A song for Ariadne

This came to me in about an hour, inspired (or at least triggered) by a video Sannion posted (“Russia”), coupled with his discussion of Hellenistic poetry… put those two things together, and apparently you get this! (I have a vague sort of tune for it in my head, but no good way to get it out in a listenable form… also, the chorus feels incomplete to me but so far I have not found a second phrase that doesn’t feel like it’s dragging down the narrative pace.)

Naxos (working title)

I was sleeping on the shore
Waiting for the sun to wake me
Then it did and you were gone.
Baby did you think it would break me
When you sailed away at dawn?

You didn’t leave a trace behind
No stupid ball of string to follow
As I ran along the strand
You took my heart and left me hollow
Kneeling weeping on the sand

I met a god
He saved my life
And now I’m dancing with the panther

I was dying on the shore
When he came along and found me
Took my hand and raised me up
Wrapped his loving arms around me
As I drank from the sacred cup


We climb
Ride the lightning to the sky
To live forever on the heights
And never die

CHORUS (repeat)


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Husband, father, biblioholic, singer, drummer, Pagan, UU
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8 Responses to A song for Ariadne

  1. This is really great and I’m completely envious because I can’t write a song for the life of me. But wow, you capture the myth and the interpersonal relationships beautiful!

  2. Erik says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Feral Boy says:

    Nice … reminds me of “Rhiannon”

    “Taken by, taken by the sky.”

  4. Erik says:

    Sweet! I love that song.

  5. Aletheia says:

    Very moving Erik. Beautiful.

  6. Erik says:

    Thanks so much!

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