An odd little song

I was listening to the Jewish Rock Radio channel on Live365 at work yesterday, and was startled to suddenly hear a song talking about pagans, Wiccans and Druids… the whole thing is long, and fairly peculiar, but you can hear it at the link if you’re interested. If not, here’s the relevant bit:

God is in those dancing Pagans, in each drop of perspiration
God is in the Wicken [sic] coven; twelve plus one — a perfect dozen!
God is in the Druid’s song, that’s why they go on so long

Billy Jonas, God Is In…

I am not otherwise familiar with Billy Jonas, but he appears to be a public-radio style folkie (his site says he’s opened for David Wilcox and Ani DiFranco, which supports this impression).


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3 Responses to An odd little song

  1. ashley says:

    Hi! I am a big fan of Billy Jonas and his music. I read your post and wanted to comment. I think it’s important to take the time to read all the lyrics of his song “God Is In” before making any judgments about them. The specific phrases you are referring to are only three of many phrases, ALL of which point to the same conclusion — that God is in EVERYTHING. For me personally his song makes total sense. I truly believe God is in EVERYTHING. He created us, our world, our entire existence — even the stuff we can’t understand or don’t agree with. Billy wrote a beautiful song that encompasses my own beliefs about God and about the reassuring, loving way that God is right there in everything we say and do, behind every word, action, thought, and miracle. Major bonus points to Billy for making me giggle with his sweet sense of humor and playful lyrics. I wish there were more songwriters in this world that cared as he does about meaningful music and the important role it plays in our everyday lives. His website is
    On a side note, Billy and his band were invited to play at the White House at last year’s Easter Egg Roll. He has played thousands of venues all across the country, and shared the stage with many great musicians including the two you mentioned. Country music star Allison Krauss is a featured guest on one of his DVDs, and recently he taped a PBS Pledge-Drive Special with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary.
    I sincerely hope you will take a moment and get to know more of his music. I promise you it will be worth your time. He’s truly gifted.

  2. Erik says:

    Hi Ashley,
    Thanks for commenting! It’s always good to hear from someone who’s really passionate about the things they love. FWIW, I thought the song was worth posting about, and pulled those particular lines to quote, mainly because my primary audience here is pagan and I thought it might be relevant to them.

    I certainly don’t disagree with the sentiment behind the song, but I have to admit that the song itself didn’t catch me… but then again even my very favorite acts have an occasional track that I don’t care for. I will go back when I have a chance and give him a broader listen!

  3. Feral Boy says:

    My views tend to be even more heretical than that — my concept of God includes light and darkness. Each of that pair of opposites requires the other to be perceived, or exist (PRETTY much the same thing). Jung had similar views, in that he knew that refusing to acknowledge and accept the shadow in us does not banish it, but only makes it stronger. So my version of the song might be a bit longer!

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