Local agriculture takes another step forward

At least in my region… if you’re in the western NC area, check out this Kickstarter fundraising effort for Carolina Ground, an initiative to bring locally grown, milled and baked bread to Asheville. I wish I was a *little* closer, I’d definitely sign up – but I’m happy to promote them and wish them very well in this effort to bring another piece of the food supply back home!


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3 Responses to Local agriculture takes another step forward

  1. Kullervo says:

    What a great cause, and I’m glad to see they met their goal.

  2. Erik says:

    Yeah, it’s an exciting development. I do go up to Asheville periodically, and look forward to being able to pick up some of their bread when I do… and maybe, eventually, some fully-local beer to go with it!

  3. Kullervo says:

    I’ve given idle thought to growing my own hops a time or two.

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