Free reading

Thought I’d share links to some fully-free-to-read-online magazines that I find worthwhile – enjoy!

And while I’m at it, let me suggest for your listening pleasure this free channel: Antarbrahmandiya, 24/7 bhajans and kirtans. I listen to this channel a lot at work.


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2 Responses to Free reading

  1. Chas says:

    “I listen to this channel a lot at work.”

    Is that why when I clicked the link, I got this message: “This site has exceeded its limit of 5 Gigabytes of transfer for the month. You may buy extra Gigabytes of transfer by logging in to the user menu and choosing ‘upgrade’. ”

  2. Erik says:

    *shrug* I don’t know, but if you go to and search on “antarbrahmandiya”, you can listen to the station directly; I just don’t see a way to publish a link directly to their channel here since the live365 site does all that stuff behind the scenes and just shows you the home URL.

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