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satellite archeology – very cool

New work being done in satellite-based archeological scanning has turned up a bunch of new underground ruins in Egypt, including a couple of suspected pyramids. There is also a new BBC documentary about these findings (linked in the article). Advertisements

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While I have enjoyed some of the rapture-related humor floating around recently (and even cracked a joke or two myself, it must be said), in the time since it didn’t happen I’ve come to feel mostly compassion for those people … Continue reading

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freaky alien monsterbugs

I live in a neighborhood that was built in the bend of a river; it backs up on all sides to woods and water. It also did not exist 13 years ago, which was the last time that one of … Continue reading

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The most amazing thing

Once upon a time, a great king asked a god, “What is the most amazing thing in the world?” The god replied, “The most amazing thing is that every day a million souls pass into the abode of death; and … Continue reading

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random thoughts

I get all the news I need from the weather report. – Paul Simon.  This probably makes me a bad person, but over the last year or two I have found myself more and more often actively turning away from … Continue reading

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