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I am in love. The new object of my affections is the music service Spotify; I just listened to a song that I haven’t heard in probably a decade, and one that (I discovered) still has the power to move … Continue reading

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Words to live by!

“Let us not war, let us not hate. Let us merely stand and say we have our own way, we love love and wine and wisdom and beauty and the blessed gods who live forever. And nothing you do can … Continue reading

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A shrine for Quan Yin

For several years I have held a deepening affection for Quan Yin, the Bodhisattva or possibly goddess originally (and still) known as Avalokitesvara, and also associated with Tibetan Tara. It is said that (s)he appears to devotees in the guise … Continue reading

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Some random thoughts

More and more I believe that the question of whether polytheism is “true” (for whatever value of that word you like) is less important than the fact that it is both useful and beautiful… and in its beauty lies my … Continue reading

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Give it to get it

NOTE: everything that follows can be applied to whatever creative expression matters most to you – art, dance, nature, yoga, whatever. I am writing from the perspective of a musician because that’s what I am. Courtesy of Project Conversion (whose … Continue reading

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