Thought for the day

Courtesy of Terri Windling:

Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and  reverence.” – Henry David Thoreau

This is very much a part of what I have been thinking about lately, and of what my recent post on doing versus being was about. As I have mentioned a couple of times, certain symbols are highly and persistently significant to me; one of the most important is that of the Green Man. Thus, as the Wheel turns towards winter I have taken up the largest and most complex craft project I have ever tried – Michele Sayetta‘s (now-discontinued) chart of Ruth Sanderson‘s stunning – and, for me, deeply spiritually moving – Oak King. When finished, it will be 283 stitches in both directions and measure 11.25″ in diameter (on 25-count linen, for those who do needlework). I expect this project to carry me through the winter, and as always I will share pictures when it is done.


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2 Responses to Thought for the day

  1. Feral Boy says:

    Re ‘The Path’ — have you seen this book yet?

    We’re getting a copy, I’ve always liked this poem.

  2. Erik says:

    Yes, I got it from the library – it’s definitely on my wishlist!

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