Never Again

Yes, I know that's actually the Houses of Parliament... :)


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Husband, father, biblioholic, singer, drummer, Pagan, UU
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8 Responses to Never Again

  1. Feral Boy says:


  2. Erik says:

    What *are* those things??

  3. Erik says:

    Thanks – it was just there in my head when I woke up…

  4. Feral Boy says:

    It would have made a bit more sense if I could have found a picture with just ONE of them

    — Feral boy

  5. Erik says:

    ah, I see now – elephant trunks. Cute.

  6. Feral Boy says:

    No, not that. Since they don’t have broken legs in them, they are ______.

  7. Feral Boy says:

    Think of one of your other paths …

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