Small stones

There are tons of writing projects floating around the Net, and most of them don’t really interest me; every once in a while, though, one comes along that just seems made for me – such as the “river of stones” challenge I discovered courtesy of Reb Rachel over at Velveteen Rabbi.  As they describe it, the challenge is simple: “A small stone is a very short piece of writing that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment.

Take the trouble to notice something around you, engage with it and write about it (poetry or prose, however it comes to you) – this speaks so clearly to the impulse that lay behind the creation of this blog that I can’t resist it… so I plan to take up this challenge and post the results here daily (or as close as I can manage) through January. Honestly, I’ll probably start trying out the exercise today, but I’m committing to sharing the results come the first of the year.


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Husband, father, biblioholic, singer, drummer, Pagan, UU
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