Here’s an interesting perspective…

A short article in Reform Judaism magazine… this is the core:

What if we examined monotheism from standpoint of God? From his point of view, it would seem, making the lord our God one God is a serious problem, maybe the cruelest blow dealt him by his believers.

It is not good to be a solitary God. Whereas the gods of Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Babylon had a rich and stimulating social life, begat children, quarreled and took revenge, fell in love and cheated on each other, made war and had fun, the Lord our God lives alone. And so, beyond our mutual complaints, his and ours, which often resemble the spats of a long-married couple, lurks a deep and ancient rupture: God banished us from the Garden of Eden and sentenced us to lives of toil and pain, and we invented monotheism and sentenced him to a life of barren loneliness.


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4 Responses to Here’s an interesting perspective…

  1. Feral Boy says:

    It’s been my thought that if “God” expresses totality, this conception can be anything AND everything that any of us have ever imagined (ditto the “afterlife”). Also this concept can simultaneously be true, false, paradoxical, or some logical construction that we literally cannot perceive or express. (or not). My conception is that the images we construct are simply interfaces to what/whoever is “there”. Finally, it’s pretty much futile to approach “God” with logic — Kurt Godel proved that truth cannot be assured for every expression in ANY system of logic, so our conclusions must always be incomplete. If that’s true for the “real” world, it is even more so when applied to transcendental values.

  2. Kullervo says:

    It’s an argument for the Trinity.

  3. Kullervo says:

    The Trinity is not a solitary God; as Three-But-One, it exists in a state of constant, perfect community with itself.

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