Coolest. superpower. ever.

I’m the middle of an extremely good comic series from a few years ago, Mark Waid‘s “Irredeemable” – the story of what happens when a superhero snaps and becomes the world’s greatest villain. Fascinating stuff, but the specific reason I’m sharing it here is because of one of the secondary characters, Kaidan. She’s Japanese, and when she retells Japanese legends and folktales the characters come into existence and fight for her.

I had a link to a scan of a page showing her in action, but I can’t find it now… suffice to say, I thought it was pretty darn cool! :)

[updated to add] Found the link!

Kaidan being awesome


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5 Responses to Coolest. superpower. ever.

  1. feralboy13 says:

    Or most dangerous, ever. Say you tell a story about Coyote … What could POSSIBLY go wrong ?

  2. i wish i had that power

  3. Erik says:

    Sannion – I shudder to think… :D

  4. feralboy13 says:

    Maenads, anyone ???

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