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Scholarly podcast on Druidry

From The Religious Studies Podcast series, “Suzanne Owen on Druidry and the Definition of Religion“. (They also have episodes on Rudolf Otto, Bron Taylor (author of “Dark Green Religion”), fiction-based religions (CAW, Jedi, Tolkien…), Graham Harvey, and invented religions – … Continue reading

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The colors I see

The following is the text of a homily I delivered yesterday at my UU church. The seeds of this talk were sown a few weeks ago when I got into a… discussion online with an evangelical humanist. He made a … Continue reading

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A phrase out of context

…you that love language, measure wind/in stanzas… – Rumi This lovely image is from Rumi’s poem “Remembering Egypt”. In context, it speaks to recalling the Exodus as an antidote to too much concern with the things of this world… but … Continue reading

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Saving the sacred forests

There was a fascinating article in my local paper this past weekend on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and its amazing tradition of the “church forest“. This, of course, immediately brought to mind the Shinto tradition of the chinju no mori, … Continue reading

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Missa Druidica

Philip Carr-Gomm points us to an unusual opportunity – portions of Joseph Nemeth’s (aka Themon the Bard) Missa Druidica are being performed tonight in Denver by the Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir and broadcast on Colorado Public Radio! (The show starts … Continue reading

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“…my business is to create”

I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create. – William Blake I will reason and compare, of course – it’s in my nature, just as much … Continue reading

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Revival Druidry vs Celtic Religion?

I’m hoping some of my Druid readers have followed me over from the old blog, because I need your insight… I know that on paper, at least some of the major Druid Revival-descended orders (OBOD, AODA) are not strictly Celtic-focused, … Continue reading

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