This is intensely brilliant

A group of history teachers from somewhere in Hawaii have created a series of music videos about various people and events in history – mostly to the tunes (and sometimes visually referencing the videos) of hits from the 80s. You can watch them all on their Youtube channel – most are pretty good, a couple are a bit dull, and a handful are near-genius. My personal favorites (of the ones I’ve watched so far), are below – very much in order!

  • The Canterbury Tales (“California Dreaming”) – Check out the mad medieval flow at 1:11!
  • Beowulf (“99 Luftballons”) – Anglo-Saxon rapping, how can you lose?
  • The Odyssey (“Across the Universe”) – this one is actually rather moving
  • Pompeii (“Bang, Bang” – Nancy Sinatra) – likewise
  • Macedonia (“My Sharona”) – Sannion, this one’s for you!

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4 Responses to This is intensely brilliant

  1. Mam Adar says:

    Oh thank you for posting these! The Canterbury Tales vid made me laugh and cry simultaneously. I’m now grooving to the version of the Divine Comedy as a Blondie song.

  2. Erik says:

    Glad you liked them… There are at least three Blondie songs up there, maybe four – and to my eye, the singer actually bears a pretty fair resemblance to Debbie Harry.

  3. Oh man, these are so great!

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